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Sherlock Inspection Service is proud to offer residential, commercial, and industrial home and building inspections in Victoria and beyond. Sherlock’s industrial clients are usually small manufacturers and warehouses operators, and commercial clients include:

  • Retail
  • Business consulting
  • Dentists
  • Lawyers
  • Liquor stores

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What is a Home or Building Inspection?

A building inspection is an objective visual examination and written reporting of the condition of the accessible components of a building, using professional inspection techniques.

Although nothing is dismantled and no test holes are drilled the inspection is thorough and focused, identifying components which appear to be in a proper functional condition and those which appear to require correction. Specific experts are included when needed. (e.g. electrical, environmental, mechanical, structural) The findings are documented in a concise Report with photographs and relevant reference material. Inspections are completed in accordance with the Scope of Practice of the Home Inspectors Association BC. (HIABC)

The Typical Building Inspection

All accessible conditions are examined:

  • Lot grading, structures including retaining walls, patios, walkways, driveways, decks
  • Exterior finishes including flashings, caulking, windows, doors
  • Roofing material, flashings, drainage system, chimney(s), vents
  • Attic framing, insulation, ventilation; evidence of dampness, insects, rodents
  • Interior finishes, stairs, cabinets, windows, doors, fireplace(s)
  • Kitchen and bathroom(s) electrical, fixtures, venting
  • Foundation, basement and/or crawlspace, structure
  • Electrical, heating, plumbing systems

The inspector does not rate the building. The purpose of the inspection is to determine the current condition. Value and code compliance are not addressed.

Need for an Inspection

The information assists the purchaser in reaching a confident decision about whether to proceed with the purchase and the implications of potential renovations. For a new building, a ‘Pre-Occupancy Inspection’ focuses on visually apparent defects for which the builder is responsible. An IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) inspection could be considered as an add-on to the inspection.

A ‘Pre-Listing Inspection’ enables a decision to correct a deficiency or simply disclose it before listing the building for sale. This is helpful in determining a realistic selling price for owners of rental buildings, trustees, and lenders in foreclosure situations.

Property manager:
The information enables a decision to correct a deficiency before leasing or selling. An IAQ inspection may be appropriate.

The information assists in reaching a confident decision about entering into a lease or undertaking improvements to the premises. An IAQ inspection may be appropriate.

Specialized inspections can be undertaken for specific conditions.

Attendance at the Inspection

Clients are encouraged to attend the inspection. This enables more effective communication and an opportunity to relax and think about the building, resulting in a more complete understanding of its condition, needs, and opportunities. For a residential sale, the seller and realtor(s) are made aware that the client will attend the inspection rather than just appear for a closing review and walkthrough. The average house and small commercial building inspection takes 3+ hours including the review. Larger more complex houses and other buildings take longer! Typical condos take 2+ hours including the review. 

If the client is not able to attend, the results of the inspection will be reviewed by phone and the report sent by email.

Form of the Report

The conditions are compiled during the inspection and the final report is sent to the client by email within 24 hours. A hard copy report can be provided if required. For more complex residences and commercial buildings, the report will be prepared and sent in a timely manner.

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